About CBAA Learning

The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) champions community broadcasting by building stations’ capability and by creating a healthy environment for the sector to thrive. 

CBAA Learning is a dedicated e-learning platform built by the CBAA for CBAA members and community broadcasters across Australia. 

Community broadcasting is a vital part of the Australian media landscape. The 450+ radio services broadcasting across Australia play an important role in providing a voice for communities that aren’t adequately serviced by other broadcasting sectors. These include:

  • Indigenous Australians
  • Ethnic communities
  • Educational services
  • Religious communities
  • Print disabled communities
  • Music, arts and cultural services
  • Youth and seniors’ communities

These community broadcasting services:

  • Provide a diverse range of viewpoints that enrich the social and cultural fabric of Australian society and contribute to public interest outcomes
  • Promote the identities of local communities and contribute to social inclusion
  • Provide opportunities for participation in free-to-air public broadcasting and content production
  • Contribute to media diversity
  • Generate a high level of local content
  • Provide a unique range of services and programs

For more information about the CBAA and the community broadcasting sector in Australia please visit cbaa.org.au